Joy Too Old

How silent is this spawnless, unending time before the breaking light does come…

Come to me sweetly, as does the dawn!
Swiftly, as darkness yields to light!
Run forth from the terrors of night.
Now far behind you, now gone.

Becoming day, you pause with I to play in fields of golden rules
and drink from draughts of wisdom’s ration.
Beaming we as one bright ray, oe’r river bars
and glens we go, gazing thru green gaps of tree,
we turn with hopeful wishful yearning
past cities, towns and countries burning
and spy on high with warming passion
life’s giving orb that shined forth thee,
that crowned us both in heaven’s jewels.

A new day’s chance again is given!
And though man’s hopes and joys, like geese,
by v-shaped spears of hate were riven,
As I, Compassion, rise, so thee do, Peace.

We offer all on bended knee
the rings of Saturn, the moats of Mars.

The joy of old – and this – I wish thee:
know you now that I and we and all are one.

mindbringer, 12 January 2010


This Progressive Does NOT Want Guantanamo closed!

Although I am way left of President Obama on most things, I still voted for him and will again. I will continue to support Democrats with the following exception. I will work to have liberals and progressives replace any centrist or conservative “Democrats” in this year’s and following Primaries. It really cracks me up how the current media infatuation with the clearly maniacle Tea Baggers makes less informed folks on the extreme right think that they will be overthrowing the wave of change still coming to our great Country. There is still much more change to come folks! If we lose a lot of seats this year in Congress, it will be because the President is NOT LIBERAL ENOUGH! Not the other way around. There is not really a socialist bone in his body. He is barely even centrist let alone Liberal. So, many liberals and progressives, disenchanted with the wins by righties and the health insurance companies in reforming health care and the loss of the already compromise of the Public Option, may stay home in droves. So, the possible low turnout from liberals and progressives this year may cause us to lose some seats. The point being, the extreme right, like those represented by the Tea Baggers, Palin, Limbaugh, Beck, etc. simply do not have the numbers any more to every win elections provided turnout is like it was in 2008. We all know that the right came out in record numbers last year due to their fears about having a Black Man in the White House. But, I digress…

There are a couple of things I never agreed with him and some progressives on. One is expanding the wars overseas. Another is closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay. This prison came about as a result of the last administration, Bush and the Repbulicans, allowing the worst terrorist attack in our Country’s history to occur. Although some fine tuning may be required, this prison serves its very useful purpose. It is heavily monitored by the Red Cross, Geneva, Amnesty Now, etc. Many people forget that the detainees there are NOT American citizens and therefore have no intrinsic rights awarded by our Constituion. Of course, they do have basic human rights and should be treated with basic human decency and not tortured, etc. But, they are prisoners of wars. They are warriors! They all profess to wanting to do harm to us! They were caught instead of killed in the wars against terrorism. Mercy has already been shown them. Even detainees released by Dick Cheney have now been connected to the recent terror attempt. There is no need to be in a hurry to close Guantanamo or even move the prisoners stateside. That facility is excellent, clean, and secure. Prisoners are well-fed, provided way better medical care than many American citizens receive, have outstanding legal counsel and have their religion respected (provided with The Koran, etc.). Military Tribunals are already more access to justice than they would ever get back at their own homes.

Of course, lack of Freedom is never fun. But, they, not us, made the choice to threaten Peace. To threaten Freedom. And they were caught.

Now, let us talk of important things like getting back the Public Option (better yet, Single Payer), addressing climate change, continuing to fix the Bush economy, and winning the 2010 elections for liberal Democrats!

Sonnet in Bee Flat


There must be a place (but I’ve yet to find one)
beneath the Sol-drawn dawn of autumn skies
where cut-throat trout still find the heart to run
and the fullness of Summer’s life never dies.

There, as if Earth had changed rotation,
Instead of honey, nature gathers dew
and composes a world without notation.
Unlike the life of old, this work is new.

Despite the nearing gray cold wintry blast,
the twisted fir tree keeps her dreams of green,
of a chamomile welwitschian past,
and buzzing yellow flights of friends less seen.

But bees still dance their flower pollen-aise,
a song of haze gold mid-October days.

mindbringer, 19 October 2009

Blog Action Day

There are still those who reside upon this planet who do not yet accept that their everyday lives, their very existence, is as tenuous as that of the mayfly. They do not yet accept that the cumulative results of their actions, and inactions, of themselves and their fellow Earth-dwellers, when added to that of their ancestors, has, since at least the dawn of The Industrial Age, resulted in the planet’s current lifeforms being brought to the brink of extinction. They do not yet accept that it is human activity that is the prime-mover of this result. And, most terrifying of all, they do not yet accept that they, that we humans, can, if we act quickly and decisively and bodly enough, perhaps slow down and even reverse this tragic heading.

This horrific situation we find ourselves in is known variously as global warming or climate change.

The inevitability of the end of life as we know it upon this blue planet we call home is as real as anything ever has been. We have collectively taken the path towards our own destruction and that of our fellow living things. To avoid the inevitable, to save our own lives, and to guarantee the future of humanity in the universe we can and must take action now to mitigate our negative influences upon the planet and to multiply our positive actions in changing course away from self-destruction. But we must act quickly. We must act now. And we must act in every country, every province and every village.

Very soon, in Copenhagen, some of the world’s leaders gather to ponder this situation we are in. Some will deny that we are “in” anything, let alone dire straits. Others will say that we still have time to act or that there is nothing we can do about it. Others still will say that this is merely a cycle that Earth goes thru and that she will naturally come out of it in her own time. And then there will be those, mostly from the countries that are the most greedy, the most consuming and the most destructive of Earth’s dwindling resources that will say that their country cannot afford to do anything about climate change. They will say that it is not fair that they have to make changes when other countries, such as the United States of America, have acted so irresponsibly. And there will be much difference of opinion, much arguing and name-calling.

While Copenhagen fiddles, the Earth warms.

If the world’s leaders do not act and act now, the inevitable will be upon us. Some day soon, perhaps in our lifetimes, we will reach the point of no return. The point beyond which no actions on our part will have any positive affect. The point at which those who have not accepted reality will find themselves starting at the face of it. The face of death. Death of dreams, of goals, of families, of prosperity, of democracy, of good and of evil. And the earth, less blue, will still revolve, though lifeless, around the sun. And no one will be there to tell the tale of man.

Equinox Fox


Vernon the aqua fox,
swim fast ‘ere Summer’s fall;
wade wide-streamed Autumn’s lull.
Your rust red coat and socks
of white will fade at snowfall’s call
and, hunting just to keep kits full,
at moon you’ll howl and nip but fail
at Winter’s icy onslought gale.

These equal days of light and dark
will soon make way
for short days and stark
with cold and biting winds,
whose wide streams are too hard for play.

There!  Beyond the river bends,
you see the sun of spring arrive
and all the world is back – alive!
Now struggle fox with coat of red,
to out your den, back from the dead,
and greet spring’s dawn and all it sends.

mindbringer, 16 September 2009